Javara Bali Artisan Salt : Shallots & Chives Salt

JavaraJavara Bali Artisan Salt : Shallots & Chives Salt is my favorite salt 😀

Why I love this salt?

It is an organic product! :)) It’s not only salt, you can read in the ingredients :

Salt/Garam, Shallot/Bawang Merah, Chives/Kucai, Organic Rice Flour/Tepung Beras Organik, Organic Coconut Sugar/ Gula Semut Organik

So, you don’t need msg anymore, ^o^v,

When I grilled fish, I just add this salt then grilled, the flavour is good enough 🙂

Recipe :
for me, John Dory is already sweet  and tasty without any seasoning. I’ve never add too much seasoning, because I love the original taste of John Dory. I add Javara to make it a little bit salty ^^

John Dory Fish, add Javara Bali Artisan Salt : Shallots & Chives Salt, garlic (chop), marinate it (5 minutes in refrigerator). Fried with Palmboom margarine 🙂
This photo is my John Dory Fish. Continue reading