Sriracha Sauce

(picture’s taken from here)

I knew Sriracha Sauce from my friend who really like cooking. I just ask her, what should I do with my frozen shrimp, and she told me that I can make fried shrimp with sweet and sour souce, with Sriracha!

For me Sriracha is unique, it’s already famous enough in USA, and may be I’m just late to know about Sriracha 😀 I say it’s unique, because it’s hot (chili effect), and also fresh (a little bit sour)
I have no photo for my fried shrimp, I will edit this post soon, with photo and my recipe ^^


Javara Bali Artisan Salt : Shallots & Chives Salt

JavaraJavara Bali Artisan Salt : Shallots & Chives Salt is my favorite salt 😀

Why I love this salt?

It is an organic product! :)) It’s not only salt, you can read in the ingredients :

Salt/Garam, Shallot/Bawang Merah, Chives/Kucai, Organic Rice Flour/Tepung Beras Organik, Organic Coconut Sugar/ Gula Semut Organik

So, you don’t need msg anymore, ^o^v,

When I grilled fish, I just add this salt then grilled, the flavour is good enough 🙂

Recipe :
for me, John Dory is already sweet  and tasty without any seasoning. I’ve never add too much seasoning, because I love the original taste of John Dory. I add Javara to make it a little bit salty ^^

John Dory Fish, add Javara Bali Artisan Salt : Shallots & Chives Salt, garlic (chop), marinate it (5 minutes in refrigerator). Fried with Palmboom margarine 🙂
This photo is my John Dory Fish. Continue reading